• Motion Capture Systems


    This system with 12 high-speed cameras (maximum shutter speed: 1/20000 s) records the positions of markers attached on the body.

    Movie of Motion test (YouTube)

  • Force Plate


    This device measures a ground reaction force.

  • Bagnoli Desktop EMG Systems


    This wired system measures an surface electromyographic activity.

  • Trigno Wireless EMG Systems


    This is a wireless recording system for the electromyography.

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound System

    Hitachi Aloka Medical

    This device is diagnostic ultrasound system. It can probe the various muscular (or bone) tissue noninvasively.

  • Dynamometer, Biodex System 4

    Biodex Medical Systems

    This system measures a torque at various joints during an isometric, isokinetic, and isotonic contraction.

    Movie of MVC test (YouTube)

  • Pulmonary Gas Exchange Measurement System


    This device is automated gas analyzer which can record respiratory parameters using breath-by-breath method. It can be estimated the energy consumption during exercise by respiratory parameters.

    Movie of VO2max test (YouTube)

  • Treadmill


    We can run on this device at a speed ranging from 1 to 25 km/h.

    Movie of VO2max test (YouTube)

  • Cycle Ergometer MONARK 828E

    Monark Exercise AB

    This is standard bicyle ergometer. It is used for graded exercise test or fitness test.

  • Cycle Ergometer PowerMax VIII


    This device is bicycle ergometer. It is used in exercise tolerance test. It is also used to record the anaerobic power.

  • POLAR V800 GPS sports watch

    Polar Electro

    This device is heart rate monitor with chest strap and heart rate sensor. It can record heart rate during exercise.

  • Goniometer


    This device is goniometer. It is mainly used to measure the change of joint angle.

  • Critical flicker fusion frequency

    Takei Scientific Instruments

    This device can measure the flicker fusion threshold which indicates the state of fatigue.

  • Eyemark Recorder

    nac Image Technology

    This device is eye mark recorder. It is used for recording participant's eye movements.

  • Soundproof chamber

    Kawai Acoustic System

    Soundproof chamber (approximately 4m^2). This chamber is used for sleep or phychological experiments.

  • Biosignal Measurement System

    Miyuki Giken

    This 12ch portable device can record biophysiological changes. It is mainly used for recording EEG, ECG, EMG, and EOG during sleep.

  • ActiWatch2

    Philips Respironics GK

    This actigraphy can record activity, sleep, and light exposure data for 30 days. It is used for monitoring sleep-wake cycle.

  • Temperature Data Logger


    This device is 8ch temperature data logger (temperature resolution: 1/1000 degree). It can record various temperature, including core body temperture.

  • The Kenz Lifecoder GS


    This accelerometer can measure activity levels, steps and intensity of physical activity. This device used to monitor a daily habit.

  • Body Composition Analyzer


    This device is body composition analyzer. It can estimate the various values of body composition (e.g., body weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc.).

  • NIRS (Near Infra-Red Spectroscopic topography)

    Hamamatsu Photonics

    This device is NIRS (Near Infra-Red Spectroscopic topography). It can monitor the human tissue's status of oxygenation using infra-red light noninvasively.

  • Constant Current Stimulator


    This device stimulates a nerve with a constant current at up to 1 A.

  • Load Cell

    Kyowa Electronic Instruments

    This device can measure both pull and press forces.

  • Load Switch System


    This device is load switch system. It can record the load exerted to sensor. It is used for foot switch sensor.

  • high speed camera


    This is high-speed video camera. It is used to record a high frame rate images.

  • Speed Gun Jugs Lightweigt Cordless Radar Gun

    JUGS Sports

    This device is radar gun. It can measure the speed of moving object (e.g., baseball).

  • Multi Time Counter System


    This device is multi time counter system. It can record the interval time between two sensors (time resolusion: 1 ms).

  • AD Converter

    AD Instruments

    This device converts analog signals to digital data.